Letter From a FAN

Letter From a FAN

Hi Josh,

My name is Oscar Farnden and I’m 5 years old. I really like your yellow car it looks great. Thanks for letting me sit in your car today and having a photo with you (I have attached some photos for you).

You had a good start to the race and I was waving to you every lap. I came back to see you after the race to say well done and you gave me a hat and a drink bottle, thank you very much.
I will try and see you before your race on Saturday to wish you well and give you a high 5.

If I don’t see you on Saturday or before you leave the Clipsal I look forward to watching you on TV.

I also go to Bathurst every year with my dad so I will see you there.

Thanks for making me feel good and having the best car.

Oscar Farnden (my dad was typing this for me)

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