Andres Report

Andres Report

I flew in early to help the team clean, polish, and prepare for the big day. I attach the team EZI Finance press release which covers the launch well. Maurie Pickering spared nothing to make it a very special event. The formal lunch at the Marriot Hotel was attended by 80 to 100 guests and I again made some valuable contacts.

Maurie is a good strategic planner and had invited many people which will be key to moving the team forward. He has his eyes fixed on the main game.

Josh Hunter and I now have permanent lodgings on the Gold Coast, had to go and buy household stuff and set up.
Dad travelled by train to Brisbane on Friday and sat beside a very talkative 87 year old lady who drove an ambulance in London during WW2. When she heard that he had a son that drove race cars she told him all about the launch she had watched on channel 9 news. That’s what you call penetration!

On the 18th we were off the Queensland Raceway for a full day of intensive testing.Josh and I worked separately with our engineers and shared results in the afternoon.
Steve Owen and Paul Morris evaluated results. They also set bench marks.

We made huge progress, first with the shocks which had been rebuilt and finally by re-jigging spring rates and other more subtle adjustments. By days end we had both made serious gains having knocked nearly a full second off our previous best times.

The car feels far better balanced than it did at Adelaide. I can push much harder with confidence.

A very satisfying two days. A very big thank you to Maurie and the team for their hard work and also for the faith they have put in Josh and I.

On the plane on the way home I was thinking how lucky I was to get the Finance EZI opportunity in Australia. Like so many things in life it was a train of fortunate events. Starting with being so fortunate to find a generous sponsor base in NZ, to Supertourers which lead to the TKR Carrera Cup drive, which lead to my valuable Paul Morris friendship, the Shannons Supercar Shootout and the Porsche scholarship. Paul introduced me to Maurie Pickering and an offer to drive for his development team.

Also finished year 12 at school and changed girl friends during 2012. It was a big year!
All the best